Express Exterior Wash

We live in a world that’s constantly in a hurry to be on time… If your case is just like that, be sure that our exclusive 5 Minutes full exterior wash service will make you feel like you have a time-turner or something…

This is basically a full-package service because no car washing process is truly completed if you take care just of one part of it (the inside or the outside). So be sure to regularly set up exterior + interior washing session, just to be sure that your vehicle looks (and smells) great!

This bundle offer includes:

  1. Exterior wash
  2. Interior vacuum
  3. Interior windows
  4. Dashboard and console wipe-down
  5. Thorough hand dry
  6. $2 Large Vehicle Charge

Cleaning the interior of your vehicle is just as important as doing the exterior maintenance, if not more. This effectively means that whenever it’s been too long since the last time you’ve ordered r performed a cleaning – then it’s time to do so right now!

When you drive your car without a cleaning for too long, it’s not long till someone will write “Wash Me” on it. To avoid that and to do proper maintenance for your car’s looks, be sure to regularly wash the exteriors!

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